Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Promote Your Music With ZedBlaze .

We promote your music on various Media Patforms such as Website(Zedblaze), Radio Play .

Why upload your music with ZedBlaze Music Right Now?

👉 Your songs will easily be indexed and crawled by well known search engines like google, yahoo, bing and various Custome Search engines. This makes your song available as soon as you upload it with ZedBlaze
👉Your Music Fans will be able to share your music on all social media platforms easily with the help of a share button on our website

👉The link to your songs will be shared immediately on all our Fan pages & profiles which will enable the song to reach more than 100,000 music fans.
👉Just a one tap download. no ads , no redirects.
👉 Your songs will be promoted according to the promo package you have chosen.

How Can I Send My Songs To Be Uploaded On

Send via whatsapp +260955111226/0950496914 or our email

Bear in mind that you song should have the following sent for proper tagging

  • Artist Name
  • Artists name (including featured artists)
  • Producer and/or Co Producer of the same track
  • Artwork

Our Prices.

  1. Audio Upload & Promoting the Song Online – k20

Videos – K40
Artwork – k30.